Receiving Care

When it comes to receiving care, where do you begin? There are many questions you may have, such as how your care will be funded and how much care will you receive? The information below will help break down the process in the simple way. If you still have questions, do get in touch with us.

The Care Assessment

When it comes to receiving care you WILL need a Care Assessment. This is when we send over a care professional to make a visit to you in your own home. You can also get a Care Assessment by requesting an assessor from your local authority.

So what exactly is a Care Assessment? 

A Care Assessment is fairly straight forward. The assessor will discuss your needs with you and will assess how you get on with daily tasks. The Care Assessment is free.

So how can I book a Care Assessment?

In order to book a care assessment you will need to contact your Local Authority and ask for a Care Assessment. Alternatively, give SQ Carers a call on 0178 9299 822 and we can arrange a Care Assessment for you.

 I’ve had a Care Assessment, now what? 

The Assessor will agree upon a Care Plan with you. There will be no surprises as you both will agree together on the level and type of care you need. Do make sure you request a copy of your Care Plan.

OK, I now have my Care Plan. What happens next? 

The next stage of assessment will be on how your care will be funded. Whether it will be your local authority paying for care, paying for care yourself or a combination of both.

  Your Care Plan will outline the number of hours of care required per day or week. SQ Carers can provide as little as 30 minutes a week of care all the way up to 24 hour round the clock care. You will need a financial assessment to work out how your care will be funded. The assessment will take into account income and savings – not the value of your property if you’re a home owner. Please note, there is no financial assessment in Scotland for the over 65’s.  

Funding your own care

You may not be eligible to receive funding for your care from your local authority. Alternatively, some of your care may be funded by the local authority, and you will  be required to fund the rest.

  SQ Carers will help provide an agreed care plan. Additionally, we can work with a care plan provided by your local authority. If you have any questions regarding funding your care, do get in touch. Our office number is: 0178 9299 822, our support team will be more than happy to help.