Live In Care

SQ Carers also provide and cater for those that need round the clock care. So that’s 24 hours, cared for by 2 carers, each providing the necessary care for 12 hours at a time. Live-in care is a care option usually for those with complex care needs, such as:

  •  Stroke/brain injury rehabilitation
  • Dementia care
  • Injury/Illness recovery
  • Post operation support
  • End of life care

Our Live-in Carers are specially trained and help reduce the stress and burden of an extremely difficult situation. As our live-in carers do effectively live with our clients, we do our utmost to provide carers we feel will be a good match.

  Clients who require Live-in care will often have complex care needs such as medical support. All of our Live-in carers will be trained and qualified to the appropriate in order to give care. Many of our Live-in carers are qualified nurses.

  If you have any questions regarding live-in care no matter how small, do get in touch. Our support staff in our office will talk you through any queries or questions you may have. Alternatively, fill in our contact form on our Contact page.