Domiciliary Care

Domiciliary care is to provide care and support in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of your own home. Our carers will help you or a loved one get on with daily life by providing the right amount of care at the right time.

Domiciliary Care can be considered a real alternative for those that wish to remain in their own home, rather than moving into a care home. With domiciliary care you get the best of both worlds; you keep your independence and get the necessary care required. After all, there’s no place like home.

Our Domiciliary Carers can provide help, assistance and care with the following:

  •  Help to get dressed
  •  Help to get in and out of the bath
  • Help to wash 
  • Assistance with eating and drinking 
  • Help with household chores 
  • Help preparing meals
  • Help collecting and managing medication 
  • Assistance with getting up and down stairs 
  • Supervision for safety 
  • Any other practical task that needs to be completed.
  • Shopping

All of our domiciliary carers are fully trained, friendly and prepared to provide the care and support necessary for you or a loved one to get through the day with a smile.

Length of Care

So how long will you receive care for?
 You may need continuous on-going care, or care for a shorter duration. For example, care after a surgical procedure. Your length of care will depend on your Care Assessment. Our page on Receiving Care will give more details on how to obtain care. Our carers can provide as little as 30 minutes a week to care for you a loved one. Some clients require several hours a day, others 24 hour round the clock care. Your Care Assessment will determine how many hours of care per day or week you should receive.