Our Carers

Every single carer within SQ Carers is fully trained, and also receives on-going training. We have different types of carers with specific qualifications and experience. Additionally, we also periodically appraise all of our carers. Our aim is to provide the best level of care available, that can only happen with constant training and constant feedback. If you feel this is too much, then you probably won’t be a good match for us. When it comes to nurses and carers a positive attitude is key. We receive a lot of applications regularly. However, only those with the right attitude, experience and skills work for SQ Carers.

Join Us

Not all Care Agencies are equal. If you’d like to work for a Care Agency that provides many opportunities to train and move on up in the care industry we’d like to know more about you. Please complete our Application Form and either email it or post it to us. We are always looking for genuine carers who possess the right attitude. 

Care Worker Training

Every SQ Carer must complete our very own in-house training before they can become carers for us. The reason is because, all too often there are sadly carers of different levels operating within the industry. We need to ensure all SQ Carers must maintain and uphold the standards we set for ourselves. We do this because, every single person we care for deserves quality care.

Unfortunately,  a lot of industry training involves ticking the relevant box and moving on. This is not the approach we take. Our training is hands-on and can be very challenging at times. As a care agency we know our strength is in the quality of the care we provide.

As an SQ Carer you will be expected to go on regular training programs, as well as having regular appraisals. We want our carers to be the best they can be. If you would like to learn more about how we train our carers or think you’re a good match and would like to apply for a carer position within SQ Carers please fill in our Application Form and get back to us.