Who We Are

SQ Carers is a care agency providing care within the Midlands. We provide carers in Nottinghamshire, The West Midlands, Leicestershire, Gloucestershire as well as other smaller towns within the Midlands. The care we do includes: Domiciliary Care, Live-In Care and Social Care. 

Straightforward Quality Care

Our aim is to ensure all those we care for are given the highest level of care available. All of our carers are fully trained and experienced in the care sector. All of our office staff have also worked on the front-line of care. We believe this is extremely important, as such experienced office staff will be able to provide and source quality carers as well as handle any situations that may arise for our carers and those we care for.

With Great Care Comes Great Responsibility

It can be difficult to admit you or a loved one needs care. Or even bringing somebody new into your home. Rest assured our recruitment process is a lot more stringent than other agencies. We want all of those we care for to receive the right level of care from the right carer. That means we don’t just hire anybody. All of our carers have experience, are fully trained and will need to pass our strict recruitment process. Our recruitment process does of course include strict background checks and references. With the right carer we can make the right difference.

Fully Trained

All of our carers receive ongoing in-house training. This ensures all of our carers will be familiar in latest techniques and best practices will always be adhered to. We also routinely take feedback from those we care for. As a care agency we are always looking for ways of improving the care experience we provide. This is definitely not a numbers game for us. Other factors we take into account include: language preferences as well as cultural factors. All of our carers will respect the dignity and privacy of all of our clients we care for.

Who We Care For

As a care agency we care for many different people who are faced with many different and challenging circumstances. We care for:

  • The elderly
  • Those needing injury or illness recovery and post operative support
  • End of life care
  • Dementia care

Different types of care will need different types and levels of carers. Our carers and nurses are specialists in their own area of care.